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Performed: November 17th, 2018 @ The PIT's mainstage STRIKER Theatre

Inspired by Emily's real-life experiences growing up as a Baptist Pastor's Kid, and comin' in hot as her second solo show of 2017, "B.P.K." debuted at the 5th Annual PIT SoloCom in NYC on November 17th, 2017!

This 25 minute comedy solo show immerses the audience in the experience of Sylvia Williams during her first time back in church as an adult. Using media from real church services (and even a bit from Emily's real dad!), the audience gets to see all the comfort and distress of being the adult pastor's kid who's changed her mind...

The Blurb:

Sylvia is the Pastor's Kid who's all grown up. Now she's been invited back to her home church to give a testimony of faith...and it's super weird. How do you explain that the way you were just isn't the way you are? Was church always this cringe-worthy? WAIT, WHAT HYMNAL ARE WE SINGING?

In this audio and visual immersive show, experience Sylvia's first time back at church since childhood... and don't forget to say "Thanks be to God"!

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The show that started it all...


FIRST PERFORMANCE: November, 2016 in the PIT's SOLOCOM

REVIVED: 5 performances in July, 2017 at the PIT Loft

"Conceived, written, and first performed as part of the PIT's 4th Annual SoloCom in November 2016, this show opened up everything for me. It taught me to be proud of the words in my head and the characters in my heart. I learned to stand on a stage in my full power without fear (ironic, given that the entire show focuses on my fear of the dark!). 

I revived it in June and July of this year (2017) when I performed it 5 times in the much larger space of the PIT Loft on 29th st., NYC."

The Blurb:

Emily just wants what all New Yorkers want: a restful night's sleep. The problem? She's afraid of the dark. In this intimate and character laced solo show, Emily exposes and explores her overactive imagination in her attempts to shine a light on the things that go bump in the night.

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