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4/29/17 Expect Delays

Simon, the conductor sits ahead.

SIMON: this is a Bronx bound B train, please stand clear of the closing doors.

(A woman rushes on to a subway train, having clearly been running. She's on her way to work - Amy. When Simon sees her in his rear view he does a double take. To him she is stunning. She taps on the window that separates them)

AMY: does this train go to 7th Ave? I know it was skipping it this morning.

SIMON: uh..yeah. Yes, they've cleared that shit out - uh sorry, that stuff was just - it was due to a police investigation.

AMY: isn't that what they always say for a suicide

SIMON: it, it was due to an investigation. That's the official statement.

AMY: whatever dude, I'm sure y'all have tons of code for the shit that goes down.

SIMON: hey lady we just try to do our jobs.

AMY: yeah I mean of course but you're told to say certain things for certain reasons, right?


well yea. How depressing would it be for the public to hear how many suicides there are on these tracks. We gotta keep people riding inside these things.

....goes on that we find out she's getting off in one stop. he delays the train to keep her on longer, blaming it on the dispatcher


©2017 Emily Dalton

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