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(This counts as two...) The Long Tunnel

Questions for expansion:

Why would they put them so far back?

What's their reason for not letting anyone move?

What happens if you move?


Bunch of people stuffed on to a train.

Several seats, but everybody is piled into the back.

One woman, asleep in one of the back rows. She has a couple beer cans at her feet, another in her hand. She drops the one in her hand which makes a racket and wakes her up. Everyone looks at her disapprovingly.

She stretches, then decides she wants to get up (stepping over her seat-mate). She makes her way to the bathroom, rocking to and fro with the motion of the train, which is a lot. More than usual.

Woman: Jesus how fast are we going?

Man: (wearing headphones) eh?

Woman: how fast are we going?

Man shrugs. Woman carries on to the bathroom.

*a conversation between our two protagonists. Something to establish a military state...*

Woman comes out of the bathroom, and notices how empty the front of the train is. She walks back and grabs her bag from her seat, then picks a spot up front.

A train member promptly comes up and taps her on her shoulder.

TM: you need to return to your seat. We made that announcement at the start of this journey.

Woman: but it's totally empty up here -

TM: you need to return to your seat, ma'am, we have assigned seating.

Woman: yeah I get that but there's no one up here and -

TM: Ma'am we have a completely full roster and those people will be expecting to have their seats available when they get on the train. Wouldn't you prefer to get the seat you paid for?

Woman: look I understand but there aren't that many stops left, it's - fuck, it's 11:30 at night - how many other people are going to -

TM: ma'am I will physically remove you if need be.

Woman: what? this is ridiculous I just want -

TM: ma'am please come with me.

Woman: excuse me?

TM: please stand up and come with me.

Woman: what, does the principle wanna see me?

TM: ma'am. Stand up. And walk through that door.

Woman: Jesus. Fine. Whatever. What the fuck...

They stand and TM escorts the Woman off the car. Everyone sits for a beat, rocking with the train. Suddenly two more TM's come running up the aisle and go thru the same door. A beat. We hear a blood curdling scream - the woman. Another beat. The original TM comes out. Leisurely walking. Wiping her hands on a towel, which is bloody. Everyone sees, and watches TM make her way to the other end of the car and exit.

**one character is the only child available to go home and care for a dying mother.

A couple is mixed race and the man doesn't want to meet her family.

Another woman is going home after having run away from her husband and children when she was 30, and now she's returning.**

©2017 Emily Dalton

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