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Julie and Richard

Trying to develop this...just starting.


CHAR: Nathan, I don’t know how I can just run away with you. This isn’t some epic love story, we aren’t Romeo and Juliet, I have a duty, a responsibility, a husband. Leaving may have been an opportunity better taken a few years ago. But you and I both know we’d be dead by now if we had. We’ll never be safe. We’ll never find true refuge.

NAT: That’s where you’re wrong, Charley, I’ve got a whole support system -

CHAR: What, your rebels? The groups living undergound?

NAT: Yes!

CHAR: And how do you think they’ll respond to me, hm? Do you think they’ll throw their arms open and say “wife of the Freedom Slayer, please come and eat our bread, sleep under our blankets”, I don’t think so.

NAT: They will accept you because you are mine.

CHAR: I am no one’s. That’s something you need to understand now, my love. I belong to no man. That’s the only reason I’m even here. To show him that he does not control me.

NAT: ‘The only reason’? Not the only reason. But, how could you want me with you? The fire in our country was set by my husband and for his faults I will always pay. That means you will too.

NAT: You’re right. I will. But darlin, that’s what I signed up for. (he goes and turns on the vinyl again)

CHAR: Nathan, don’t, they’ll -

NAT: Let them. You said we’re dead anyway, right? Let me dance my last dance with you.


An air-raid siren is heard…

Nathan is on stage, pacing a bit, checking out the window, checking his watch. The phone rings on a landline.

NATHAN: Molly... Listen to me, do you have...yes, I’m still in the city… Now, I don’t want you to worry, honey, but I’ve got to stay...No, there’s... no, I know, but you have Thomas to think about.. Darling, it’ll be alright… I’ll be there. I promise. - I promise.

He hangs up. He moves to a vinyl record player and puts on Ray Charles. As he does so, CHARLEY walks in, some bags in her arms - she shuts the door behind her quickly.

NATHAN: Charley -

They embrace and hold on.

NATH: I was so afraid -

CHAR: As was I. But here we are -

She releases and goes to the table, taking out supplies and repacking them into their bags. She takes the needle off the vinyl player.

CHAR: You know we can’t have that on.

NATH: Have you talked to the kids?

CHAR: Yes, I got them out this morning. You?

NATH: Good, good. Yes, Molly’s got Thomas, they’re heading to the border.

CHAR: Which one?

NATH: North.

CHAR: Fine, good. It’ll be rough until they get to Nova Scotia but it’s a better chance than South.

NATH: What do you know?

CHAR: Enough, though not much else than what you hear from those sirens.

NATH: Is it as bad as the papers are saying?

CHAR: He started mobilizing last night.

NATH: Shit.

CHAR: We’re already in the thick of it and no one knows. We’re not looking at the horizon we’re on the edge of the eye.

NATH: Jesus, how many people need to die for him to get his head out of his ass.

CHAR: It’s too far up there, trust me.

(political atmosphere talk)

NATH: Does he know you’re here?

CHAR: ..No. As far as anyone knows I’m aiding the hospital in their transfers.

NATH: Fantastic. You’re representing the only good side of this administration and I’m keeping you to myself.

CHAR: There’s not much I can do for them at this point. It’s too hectic.

(it's a start)...

©2017 Emily Dalton

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