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5/6/17 bouncing off of Margaret

Inspired by Margaret Atwood's THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD - to be built upon!!!!

1 staring out a window, a drink in his hand. He is visibly shaken.

1: I can't believe it. So many years workin' - slavin' away. That's what I been doin. For them. For these people. ..for my people. Slavin' for them, to care for them, for my home. And now... I can't leave 'em. I can't and I won't.

2: what're you blatherin' on about?

1: the flood. The flood's comin', brother.

2: oh Jesus THE FLOOD, the flood. The fuckin' flood of righteousness.

1: do not laugh at God, Joseph!

2: I ain't laughin' at nobody but you, Micah. Nobody but you.

1: you don't hear me.

2: I hear ya fine, you're goin' on all day about the damn flood. This ain't Noah's Ark, bro.

1: for fuck's sake, Joe, do I look stupid?

2: ya sound stupid.

1: I fuckin' know this ain't no bible story but I - that corporation, those high and mighty motherfuckers -

2: they wanna burn down the trees. So what? They're the ones supplying the water, the air inside the dome, hell, they're the reason you and me's even here. I say let 'em do their thing, so long as I can keep goin'

1: so long as you keep goin'. It's always so you can keep on goin'.

2: shut the hell up and finish your bourbon, asshole.

©2017 Emily Dalton

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