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My Next Solo Show...


"B.P.K - Baptist Pastor's Kid"

- one woman (duh), experiencing a service at her home church. Production would include VO recording of the service, prayers, New Testament lessons, hymnals

- A woman is visiting home from NYC - she's the pastor's kid. She is in some high-pressure job/ what is the job she has completely acclimated to the city versus small-town Virginia, and so she clashes with everyone else.

- Enters in the middle of the first hymnal

--- struggles to find the page

--- handles people she hasn't seen in awhile (nor cares to really see) during the hymnal

--- by the time she gets to the page, the song is over

- First prayer

--- spoken by a teenager

--- woman tries to sit but prayer is meant while all standing

--- looking around, not actually praying

--- woman's phone goes off at the very end of the prayer

- Call and answer gospel

---slightly sexist/ offensive and woman is the only one who notices

- Welcoming speech by same teenager

--- welcome booklet comes around (handed off from behind - book is behind chair) and she doesn't sign it...

---peace be with you (and also with you)

---woman has to fight people off - doesn't like shaking hands -- what are her quirks?

- New Testament Lesson

---read by very very very boring voiced person

- prayer

- Children's Lesson

---everyone is forced to participate in sign language song of "jesus loves me"

---really annoying at first then woman gets good at it

- Choir sings

---song is really beautiful and emotional, talks about coming home

-Someone stands and introduces woman

---she struggles to get up there. It's clear that she doesn't feel very connected to Church or God anymore. She speaks about growing up in the church and what it felt like. It becomes heartfelt and real.


-connection to God without family

-connection to Church without going there

-spirituality without church

-what's more important? Family and community or just God?

My first solo show is being revived:..... info is on the home page!

©2017 Emily Dalton

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