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5/1/17- 5/5/17 Cold Case

Spotlight on a woman wearing a tutu fairy-style wedding dress. She's slumped into a loveseat centerstage. Her makeup is smeared, tears streaking her face, a half empty bottle of champagne in her hand. She's having a day. There's a bluetooth speaker next to her playing a sad/ angsty song.

She takes a swig. She's a mixture of depressed, horrified, and yet relieved. There's a small table next to her, an ash tray and a joint currently smoking. She reaches over and takes a hit. It's not very effective.

HER: This stuff was such a ripoff. Thanks a lot, Mikey. Best man my ass.

She stands, walks over to a window and looks out.

HER: Well at least people are taking some of the food home. The food THAT I BOUGHT WITH MY OWN DAMN MONEY. HOPE YOU LIKE THE GOLD FLAKED VODKA, MONICA.

She crumples down. Suddenly the music shuts off. She jumps at the change.

HER: Oh, fuck no...

A man pops out from behind the chair

HIM: Oh fuck yes! Hello gorgeous.

HER: This is not happening. This is not happening...

HIM: Oh it's happening alright. Just as I said it would.

HER: You - YOU brought this on me. YOU fucked up MY day!

HIM: Honey you brought this on yourself, you know that.

HER: No, NO, I - I'VE ALREADY PAID FOR THIS. For you. Yoouuuuu...fuck.

HIM: Is that the way you speak to your long lost love?

HER: You haven't been my love for TEN YEARS, JULES. TEN. YEARS. How many times do I have to tell you to fuck off?!

HIM: Just one more time baby, I love the way your lips move when you say 'fuck'.

She screams and throws the bottle at him. He doesn't flinch, and it crashes behind him.

HIM: That stuff is expensive ya know.

HER: YES I KNOW. I bought it! I made this whole day happen! I did it because I wanted to move on with my life, and actually start over with something good - with someONE good. But noooo - your past has to LITERALLY HAUNT YOU, doesn't it?

HIM: That's what happens, babe.

HER: I am not your babe.

HIM: Pooky?

HER: Jules, I swear to God -

HIM: Honey bumpkin?

HER: That's not even original! You have no original thought in your head! You never did!

HIM: There's not much left in there ever since you bashed it in.

HER: Oh I did not BASH it in.

HIM: No, you sliced and diced down here, and then you mutilated my body so that you could fit me into garbage bags and by CHANCE you bashed it in when you tossed me in your trunk.

HER: Don't be such a drama queen.

HIM: You destroyed me, Cassie. Completely ripped my heart open.

HER: Yes, well, I was having a tough time.

HIM: So you took it out on me?

HER: We've been over this, Jules. I couldn't control what was happening to me, I -

HIM: Blacked out and had a moment of insanity, yes your lawyer pumped that into the jury nice and loud.

HER: Yea and he got me off because I was, in fact, insane, so deal with it.

HIM: I'll get you off.

HER: Don't fucking touch me! You were always shit at getting me off anyway, why do you think you'd be any better now just cuz you're plasma floating through the open air.

HIM: It's more like sound waves that crash into your's kind of hard to explain.

HER: I don't. Want. To hear it. Again. Goddamit. I don't want to hear anything out of your mouth again. I hate you! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!

HIM: Ah, I see we've grown up a bit.

HER: You ruined my wedding.

HIM: You ruined your own wedding. I just came along for the ride.

HER: No. No YOU ruined it. You ruined it. You ruined...

He pulls a large case out from behind the chair.

HIM: You brought me along. What did you expect?

She looks at the case for a long time.

HIM: Why'd you bring me, hm? You know my proximity makes it easier for me to disrupt your life. For me to effect you, as it were. Why would bring me along? It seems like you wanted this.

She puts her head down, seems to be sobbing. She comes back up laughing.

HER: Of course! Of course...I sabotaged my own wedding by bringing my dead boyfriend's remains with me... OF COURSE I DID THAT TO MYSELF!!

Now she's sobbing.

5/4/17 - thoughts on expansion - just need to write these down:

He was an abusive boyfriend which is why she killed him

Scene should show him transitioning into his old self, forgetting that's she's killed him

Attacks her, then releases her

She, knowing he's forgotten everything and is just reliving a moment from when he was alive, "kills" him again

She has to do this everytime he shows up

She won't forgive herself which is why he keeps appearing and reliving that moment.

5/5/17 - thoughts on expansion - yes I really am going to expand this. The play is juicin' up in here. It's working out kinks. I WILL FINISH IT, OKAY?!

The moment before the end - he picks her up and starts dancing with her (he's back in the moment before she actually killed him) - she pulls out a knife, and as they're dancing, stabs him. He stumbles back and over the back of the chair. She sits back down, grabs the bottle and resumes her initial position. Nothing has changed, and nothing ever will.

5/17/17 EXPANSION (at least the pieces are coming together)

Mid-scene - they both revert back to the day before he was killed. they're happy, she sits in his lap and they laugh. they're in love - show the love between them.


©2017 Emily Dalton

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